Career Development Theories and Techniques

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Ablon Career Development
Theories and Techniques

A three-semester unit academic course (45 hours) that meets the California LPCC licensure requirement for a masterís level core course in career development.

As stipulated, the course covers:

- career development theories and

- the role of multicultural issues in
  career development

- application of career counseling

Sheila J. Henderson, MBA, Ph.D., MBA, Ph.D., is a California licensed Counseling Psychologist, former Associate Provost of Alliant International University and former Visiting Associate Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology.

Marilyn Joseph, MA has worked with clients for over 20 years as an Employment Specialist and Career Counselor. Marilyn is also a University Instructor and Director of Career Services, Text Book Reviewer for a number of publishers and a Member of the NCDA Mentor Program
Organization of the Course

Required text:  Swanson & Fouad, "Career Theory and Practice (2nd edition)".

In order to cover the required material efficiently and effectively, the course  is organized into several streams of activity.

1) Online Presentations:  The course instructo
rs have recorded live presentations on career development theories and techniques, career development tools, and multicultural aspects of career development.  

The course also includes a detailed video simulation of the career counseling process, showing different theories and approaches and including meta-comments explaining the simulation as it goes.

2) Recorded Audioconferences:  A total of five phone conferences were recorded for the course.  Each conference was devoted to one theory
and will include a very brief introduction to the theory. Attendees will read the relevant part of the required course text and answer questions about the theory. Students are required to post a substantive response to questions posted at the course web site.

3) Capstone Projects:  Students are required to produce a personal career portfolio and statement, according to specifications available at registration.  It will be developed and submitted in three stages.  Everything will be submitted online at the course web site.  

Who Should Attend?

Professionals planning to apply for LPCC licensure with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)

Marriage and Family Therapists