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Ablon Group Counseling
Theories and Techniques

A three-unit academic course that meets the California LPCC licensure requirement for a masterís level core course in group counseling.

All scheduled classes are recorded, so if you miss them you can still register, access the material, and complete the course

First segment of the class:

Saturday, Sept 24  9:00am-5:00pm

Redeemer Lutheran Church
6038 Brann Street
Oakland, CA

This is a safe residential section of Oakland with a gated parking lot

Emma Borens, MA is the past President of the California Association for Counseling and Development and a veteran school counselor at Skyline High School in Oakland, CA..

Sharon Bowles, MA has served as Head Counselor at Skyline High School. She currently is a consultant with Castlemont High School. In 2008, Ms. Bowles was inducted into the H.B. Mac Daniel Hall of Fame, Stanford University, for outstanding contributions to the field of Professional Counseling.

Emma Borens and Sharon Bowles both teach in the Counseling Education program at San Francisco State University.
Organization of the Class.

The class as a whole is organized into several segments.

1) In-Person Workshop by two experienced Counselors and Counselor educators, an orientation to the profession with an empahsis on group counseling work, (Sept 24, 2011 ~ 7 hours)

2) Scheduled instructor-led audioconferences, featuring brief presentations and Q&A (online, recorded for those who cannot attend live ~ 6 hours)

3) Capstone In-Person Workshop, (November, 2011 ~ 7 hours)

Individuals can register for this course at any time, even after the scheduled classes -- everything is recorded and accessible online


 $560, through the end of 2011. Tuition will increase in 2012
Workshop Description

This workshop provides training in group counseling theories and techniques, including principles of group dynamics, group process components, group developmental stage theories, therapeutic factors of group work, group leadership styles and approaches, pertinent research and literature, group counseling methods and evaluation of effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals planning to apply for grandfathered LPCC licensure with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)
Marriage and Family Therapists