Introduction to LGBT Psychotherapy Certificate Program

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As a national center for LGBT psychology research, education and public policy, a convenient and accessible program of training in LGBT psychotherapy is at heart of the Rockway Insitute's Mission.

The four hours of original material you will find here, as well as the discussion forums and the other activities we suggest to deepen your learning experience, are offered as free Open Access resources. They are introductory, but we believe that many of you will find something of value.

In the coming months, we will be adding to this foundation in order to provide enough content and direct interaction to offer a substantial Certificate Program. This program will include videos, so that examples and counter-examples can be demonstrated, and opportunities for students to demonstrate new skills and receive immediate feedback.

Who is This Course For?

We teach. All of us involved in this program are teachers at heart. In-person is teaching is what we know the best, but if we can reach more people using the Internet, people we could have never hoped to meet and help and interact with -- then we'll try it and we won't give up easily. We designed this program to help psychologists, family therapists, clinical social workers, and counselors develop and demonstrate a specific set of competencies focused on helping clients who are members of the LGBT community. These potential clients need good therapists and they may or may not care if the therapist shares their gender identification. This set of four introductory modules will help you decide if you would like to go deeper and take part in the full program. There, you will have the opportunity to converse directly with the Instructors and get feedback from them on your work. In that sense, this Course is for anyone who wants to add another perspective, another dimension to their practice of psychotherapy.
What are the Benefits?

  • Develop a greater awareness and a deeper capacity to serve a large group of potential clients you may be able to help
  • Learn cultural background and references that can be crucial in establishing trust and rapport
  • See examples of important and sensitive areas clearly described and demonstrated
  • Informal case consultation from instructor and peers in an integrated social media and e-learning environment.
  • This four-hour introduction is approved for 4 Hours of Continuing Education through Alliant International university's APA-approved program.