MOOC Madness

Price: $20.00
Monday, March 25, 2013 ~ Noon - 2pm
Alliant International University ~ 1 Beach Street ~ San Francisco
Thomas Nickel, PhD

MOOCs are an important, increasingly recognized and endorsed format for involving a large number of groups and individuals in learning. Universities are beginning to see them as a new way to teach courses, but they can also be used in professional training and education.

Unlike most MOOCs, this one will be focused an actual event, rather than an academic body knowledge. That event is the May, 2013 release of DSM5.

The release of a new DSM  
is an epoch-defining event, with complex and controversial elements that need to be understood as part of the landscape. The MOOC will not itself advocate for a position -- it will make information and commentary available to a global audience and facilitate interaction among professionals and consumers bringing different perspectives to areas of common interest.
Thomas Nickel, PhD

is an instructional technologist and a continuing
education director with a wide set of interests, ranging from issues in clinical psychology, the Noble Eight-Fold Path, and baseball (the most important thing there is that doesn't matter).

What are the benefits?

1) MOOCs  are not a fad.  Get an inside view of how they can be set up and operated.

2) Ask Questions. Most MOOCs have involved technical topics -- this one is about mental health professionals care about.


Content         Introduction to MOOCs

                     Inside a MOOC on the DSM,

                     Major DSM-5 changes 

                     How to get involved 


Schedule      Monday, March 25, Noon-2pm

Tuition          Free, or $20 for 2 hrs CE
3) Get an Overview of the big issues in DSM-5®.  This is not a Course on DSM-5®.  It will not go into details because the details have not yet been released.  But there will be a discussion of the 10-12 major changes that have been at the heart of most of the controversy and discussion.

4) Start on the path of participation -- you can get involved in this MOOC in many ways.  Find out about them at this workshop.

Who is it for?

Licensed Mental Health Professionals who want to learn about a new online format in the context of the DSM®.

Faculty who need to know about MOOCs.

Students who want to help shape the environment in which they will be practicing