Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Techniques

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This academic course is designed to meet three-semester units of advanced counseling and psychotherapeutic theories and techniques for LPCC licensing in California.

Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Theories and Techniques aims to deepen students’ knowledge of advanced counseling constructs and theories, assessment and treatment planning, clinical interventions, therapeutic relationships, and psychopathology. The course aligns with and supports 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling’s unified definition of counseling as a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

Instructional Strategy:
This course is designed for adult learners. It is offered in an online instructional format that is both instructor- and peer-driven. Students are expected to engage in up to four learning activities per course section.

Learning activities include:
1. Reading the assigned sections of the textbook.
2. Viewing video lectures.
3. Responding to two discussion questions in each section.
4. Completing weekly knowledge quizzes and final exam

Course Learning Outcomes:
• CLO1:     Demonstrate knowledge of the evolution of the science and profession of psychology.
• CLO2:    
Demonstrate knowledge and basic understanding of psychanalysis.
• CLO3:    
Understand the key concepts and similarities and differences between Adlerian therapy and positive psychology.
• CLO4:    
Understand the principles and techniques of client-centered therapy.
• CLO5:    
Demonstrate understanding of the basic principles and similarities of rationale emotive behavior therapy and cognitive therapy.
• CLO6:    
Understand the key concepts associated with behavior therapy.
• CLO7:    
Understand the underlying theories of gestalt therapy and existential therapy.
• CLO8:    
Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of integrative therapy and contemplative therapy.
• CLO9:    
Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts associated with interpersonal therapy and family therapy.
• CLO10:  
Demonstrate an understanding of cultural competencies for multicultural therapies.

Required Text :
Corsini, R.J., & Weddings D. (2014.). Current psychotherapies (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Corsini, R.J. & Weddings D. (2014.). Case studies in psychotherapy (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Lisa Talerico, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been conducting individual, couples, and family psychotherapy in the private practice setting since 2004. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), San Diego in 2003, Master’s of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from CSPP, San Diego in 2001, and Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1998.