Child Abuse: Introduction, Assessment, Treatment

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Child Abuse: Introduction, Assessment, Treatment

Daniel Taube, PhD, JD ~ 7 Hrs

Online Course

This course presents an overview of basic issues in the assessment, reporting and treatment of child abuse. Topics covered include the development of child abuse reporting laws, the nature of abuse and neglect, definitions of child abuse, reporting requirements, identification and assessment guidelines, and treatment issues with children, families and adult survivors of child abuse and neglect.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to define and describe different categories of abuse and neglect

Participants will become familiar with available assessment options

Participants will clearly understand and explain when, how and what to report as child abuse, and the consequences for failure to report

Participants will obtain a basic understanding of initial and long-term treatment issues in working with abuse survivors and their families

Participants will develop sensitivity to multicultural practices regarding child rearing as it may affect child abuse

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Daniel Taube, PhD, JD, is an associate professor at Alliant International University, specializing in family and child clinical, legal and ethical issues. He is Chair of the Institutional Review Board and Coordinator of the Forensic Family Child track.

He consults regularly with mental health professionals and attorneys regarding ethics and standards of care in professional practice, and has published research and commentary on such issues

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This course meets and exceeds the state board licensing prerequisites for coursework in child abuse assessment and reporting for psychologists, therapists and social workers.

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