An Instructional Design for Dying

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Preparation for dying is not about a single, faraway event. It's about a condition of life that influences everything we do, every decision we make.  Since we don't know when we'll die, the time to begin preparing is now and always.

An Instructional Design for Dying 
is a guided approach to the most personal kind of learning, with a series of ideas and activities presented in a structured sequence.  The topic is your personal dying, approached very carefully.
Thomas Nickel, PhD

is an instructional
designer, hospice
volunteer, and continuing
education director, with a
chronic manageable

What are the benefits?

1) The first potential benefit from participating is an informed clarity about personal preferences and a deepened, natural acceptance of the end of life. Overcoming anxieties and working through important choices usually creates a heightened appreciation for living. Seeing what we value most in dying also shows what to value most while we're still alive.


Content         8 progressively

                     challenging topics,


                     and active 


Format          Voice/slides, 

                            video, text 

                            templates, forms

Schedule      Open enrollment

Tuition             $32
                     $64 for 16 Hrs CE

2) Most people mean to complete an Advance Care Directive but never get around to it. A second potential benefit, a culminating activity, is actually producing not only the Directive but Health Care Proxy assignments and POLST as well.

3) Talking about values and concrete preferences with possible caregivers is a third potential benefit, because their understanding may be the most important factor in leaving on your own terms.

   This defeated
   Celtic warrior
   battles death
   alone and

                    Dying Gaul
At the other end of the spectrum 
is the Chinese Emperor with his 
Army to help him in the Afterlife.

    Terracotta Soldiers
Who is it for?

An Instructional Design for Dying is for anyone who wants to explore the death and dying part of their own life. It can be used by groups working together in community or by individuals. It can be used by medical or clinical professionals working with patients or clients and by non-professionals on their own.

An Instructional Design for Dying can be offered as an in-person workshop, an online course, or a hybrid combining elements of both.  For in-person workshops, a good starting place is the three-hour Introduction, which is a complete experience and can also lead to other more extended options.

An Instructional Design for Dying: Online

Select each course topic for a Table of Contents.

1. Other People Dying
2. Religion and Dying
3. Near-Death Experiences
4. Saying Goodbye

5. A Good Death
6. Physically Dying
7. Advance Care Directives
8. The End

" ... he not busy being born is busy dying."

- Bob Dylan