Disaster Mental Health

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Brian Riedesel, PhD ~ Web Lecture ~ 1.5 Hrs

This online course utilizes the growing empirical literature related to crisis intervention to trace the evolution of emergency/disaster mental health. Areas reviewed include the goals of early intervention, tactical approach refinements and the evolving nature of training in emergency/disaster mental health.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will describe at least three significant ways in which crisis intervention differs from psychotherapy
Participants will be able to distinguish between a critical incident stress debriefing and a crisis management debriefing
Participants will be able to cite research findings on the relationship between critical incident debriefings and the onset of PTSD
Participants will be able to cite research findings on the effect of cumulative adversities

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Brian Riedesel, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress currently serving as a Psychologist and Coordinator for the University of Utah Counseling Center. He has trained undergraduates, graduate students and licensed professionals worldwide, and is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and the Utah Critical Incident Stress Management Team.