Domestic Violence: Assessment, Detection and Intervention Strategies

  Barnard ~ Part I - Web Lectures ~ 7.5 Hrs  $200.00
  Barnard ~ Part II - Web Lectures ~ 7.5 Hrs  $200.00
Students need to sign up for both Part I and II to fulfill the 15 hour requirement for the California BBS.

Linda Barnard, PhD ~ 15 Hrs

Part I ~ Web Lecture ~ 7.5 Hrs

Part II ~ Web Lecture ~ 7.5 Hrs

This course focuses on partner or spousal abuse assessment and detection. Topics covered include intervention strategies, community resources, knowledge about cultural factors and same-gender abuse dynamics.

Part I & II consists of in-depth lectures delivered online with the Instructor's voice and slides, which can be accessed and completed at any time.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be better able to recognize and understand various types of spousal/partner abuse, implement intervention strategies and utilize current assessment skills.

Linda Barnard, Ph.D. is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in Sacramento since 1981. Dr. Barnard has also served as a trainer and consultant to various domestic violence programs in northern California since 1982. Dr. Barnard frequently appears in court as an expert witness in domestic violence, having testified in over 200 cases, and conducted assessments in over 750 additional cases.

She is a Board Certified Expert in Domestic Violence as well as a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. In addition, she consults as an expert in complex, contested child custody cases where allegations of domestic violence are involved. She is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences around the state.

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In addition to providing continuing education credit for licensed psychologists, MFTs and LCSWs, this course fulfills the state board licensing prerequisite for coursework in spousal or partner abuse for those who began graduate training after January 1, 2004, as well as for those who began graduate training between January 1, 1995 and January 1, 2004.