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Daniel Taube, JD, PhD

Dr Taube is presenting a new class of CA Law and Ethics, Friday April 16 in San Francisco, 9am-4pm

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From a recent email:

can I listen to the lectures as many times as I want? I have been folding the laundry while listening and realizing that I am going to want to listen several times to some parts of it so it really sinks in. Thanks -

  • The answer is, Yes
  • This is No-Limits CE
  • It will always be there for you to go back to and review until the last server bites the dust
There is neither a time limit nor an amount-of-times limit!
- Tom Nickel, PhD, CE Director


Louis Lancaster, PhD

lancaster This is the course for people who have always wanted to understand Buddhism beyond a superficial level -- but without the language, practice and doctrine of any one particular Buddhist school.

It is a full 3-unit academic-style online course with over 45 hours of highly stimulating spoken lecture material with slides -- plus substantial interaction and feedback from the instructor, facilitator, and peers.

David Matsumoto, PhD<br>
This class will be rescheduled on a date to be determined.

Marcia Naomi Berger,LCSW ~ 4 Hrs

Friday, March 8, 2013 ~ San Francsico ~ 10:00am-2:00pm


  CE Credit ESSFT  $15.00
  Regular Price  $75.00
  Student (No CE Credit)  $29.00


Timothy Fong, M.D.,
Heidi Hartston, PhD.,
Nancy Piotrowski, PhD,
Susan Raeburn, PhD, ~ 5 Hrs


Alicia Ruelaz, MD

John Bolter, PhD & Randall Tackett, PhD
  PEP Review Course  $395.00
  CE Credit ESSFT  $15.00
Introduction to the the Rorschach Performance Assessment System
Donald Viglione, PhD.
Philip Erdberg, PhD.
San Diego ~ May 1-2, 2015

Sharon Bowles and Emma Borens
July 22-23, 2011

Dr Rachyll Dempsey ~ 7 Hrs
  Advances in Cognitive Assessment  $120.00
  Introduction to Neuropsychological Screening  $120.00
  Both Dempsey Workshops (April 14 & 21)  $180.00

Dr Rachyll Dempsey ~ 7 Hrs
  Introduction to Neuropsychological Screening  $120.00
  Advances in Cognitive Assessment  $120.00
  Both Dempsey Workshops (April 14 & 21)  $180.00

Master Product
  Advances in Cognitive Assessment  $120.00
  Introduction to Neuropsychological Screening  $120.00
  Both Dempsey Workshops (April 14 & 21)  $180.00

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Multiple Presenters
3 CE credit hours
Online Course

  Medical Psychology/Psychopharmacology Update  $270.00
  Medical Psychology/Psychopharmacology Update - Day 1 only  $150.00
  Medical Psychology/Psychopharmacology Update - Day 2 only  $150.00


Dr. Stuart Ablon
San Diego, CA

January 24-26

Master Product


Marguerite Manteau-Rao, LCSW, ATR

manteau-raoMarguerite Manteau-Rao is a licensed clinical social worker and registered art therapist with a mindfulness-based psychotherapy private practice in Palo Alto, CA.

Her introductory workshop covers the main aspects of Presence Care, a mindfulness-based model of dementia care that can be used throughout the various stages of dementia.


Nate Hinerman, PhD

hinermanNate Hinerman, PhD teaches in the School of Nursing and Health Professions and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he received the University's Distinguished Lecturer Award in 2010.

He serves as Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Network for End-of-Life Care, and he also volunteers on the Bereavement Service as a therapist at the San Francisco office of Pathways Home Health and Hospice.

Sean O'Riordan, PhD

seanSean O'Riordan, PhD. is a staff psychologist for the Faculty and Staff Help Center and teaches the Principle Practice in Care of the Dying in the Stanford School of Medicine.   Dr. O'Riordan is a native of Ireland who has worked all over the world and is a specialist in cultural expressions of grieving.

The set of edited videos that make up this workshop consider the dying, death and grieving processes from the perspective of immigrants to this country from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  The information andperspectives are both general to all newcomers and  highly specific to certain Celtic and Asian  traditions.

Friday, April 20, 2012 ~ 9:30am-4:30pm



DBT Dr. Becky Newman

MOOC Madness

Monday,March 25 ~ Noon - 2pm

Laura Petracek, PhD, LCSW
7 CE credit hours
Online Course

One-Day Workshop
  Pain Management Workshop: NCAPP Members  $125.00
  Pain Management Workshop: Non-Members  $150.00
  Pain Management Workshop: Students  $100.00


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Robert Grant,PhD ~ 6 Hrs Grant ~ San Francisco ~ April 12, 2014 ~ 6 Hrs

Sage Schuitevoerder,PhD ~ 6 Hrs Schuitevoerder ~ San Diego ~ March 7, 2014 ~ 6 Hrs


Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is one of the most prevalent mental disorders in America and  worldwide, with at least half of those affected suffering from recurrent or chronic forms of the disorder.  This presentation describes the genetic, epigenetic and neurobiological factors, coupled with the role of environmental stressors, that guide our understanding and treatment of major depression.  It identifies key stress-related changes in the brain that accompany depression in which the stress response systems are malfunctioning and approaches to repair these malfunctioning systems.  In addition, it describes the involvement of attachment dynamics in these stress-related changes. 


Surprisingly, much of this information has yet to make its way into clinical practice and approaches to treatment.  And yet, several non-pharmacological treatment modalities emerge from this level of understanding.  Dr. Graves provides participants with enough of the basics of neuroscience to understand relevant concepts from the contemporary literature, and participants will leave not only with a better understanding of MDD but also with a set of interventions to better treat depressed individuals that can be used the next day.  Don’t miss this opportunity to update your understanding of major depression and how to treat it more effectively!


Learning Objectives

  •         Describe the relationship between the genetics of the serotonin transporter and external stressors in the development of major depression.
  •          Describe the developmental impairment of the brain that plays a critical role in the dysregulation of the neuroendocrine stress response system.
  •          Identify treatment interventions that may repair the genetically driven developmental impairment that leads to major depression.
  •          Describe the involvement of the neuroendocrine stress response system in the development of a recurrent or chronic course of major depression.
  •          Describe the role of early attachment pattern and its interaction with serotonin transporter genetics as a risk factor for major depression.
  •          Identify at least four novel approaches to treating major depression without the use of medications by addressing a malfunctioning neuroendocrine stress response system.
  •         Describe the antidepressant role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and how it can be manipulated with and without drugs in the treatment of depression.

James S. Graves, PhD, PsyD
is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Pasadena, CA.  Dr. Graves holds degrees from Duke University (PhD, Human Physiology) and California Graduate Institute (Doctor of Psychology). In an earlier 15-year career he worked as an acedmic physiologist & professor in a medical school environmnet.  Dr. Graves currenlty provides psychotherapy for adults, adolscents and couples in a general practice.  Dr. Graves also specializes in severe trauma-related disordrers, depressive disorders and relationship issues.

  CE Credit Seeking Safety  $15.00
  Regular Price Seeking Safety  $45.00
  Student Price Seeking Safety  $25.00
  CE Credit ACT  $15.00
  Regular Price ACT  $150.00
  Student Price ACT  $75.00

Pain Management Workshop Online


Workshop is canceled April 7, 2017
San Francisco, CA



Monday, July 23 – Wednesday, July 25 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Poverty Simulation
November 1, 2014
Irvine, CA

  Alliant & Non-Alliant Participants with CE credit hours  $35.00
  Alliant & Non-Alliant Participants without CE credit hours  $15.00

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