Poverty Simulation

  Alliant & Non-Alliant Participants with CE credit hours  $35.00
  Alliant & Non-Alliant Participants without CE credit hours  $15.00

Alliant International University Irvine campus I-MERIT is hosting a Poverty Simulation in Irvine on November 1, 2014. Participants will be assigned roles to live as part of a low-income family, and interact with various community resources to obtain basic necessities.  

Poverty simulation is not a game.

It engages participants with tasks and challenges facing low-income families, from parents trying to care for their children to senior members trying to maintain their self-sufficiency. A debriefing discussion will be held at the end of the simulation where participants can share insights gained from this simulation activity.

Lunch will be provided

4 CEUs offered (extra $20, in addition to registration fee) 

For questions, contact: Raji Natrajan-Tyagi (rnatrajan@alliant.edu) 

Date:             November 1, 2014

Time:            10:00am-2:00pm 

Where:        Alliant International University
Irvine Campus | Room 318/319

2855 Michelle Drive, Suite #300, Irvine, CA, 92606


$10 if registered by October 24th, 2014
$15 if registered after October 24th, 2014
(Need to RSVP hokunishi@alliant.edu by Oct. 30th, 2014)
Free for the first-year students taking PSY6326 Diversity & The Family