Medical Psychology/Psychopharmacology Update - Day 1 only

Price: $150.00

  Updates in Pyschophamarcology 


November 9th and 10th

This is a comprehensive two day training; however you may choose to attend only one of the workshops.

This Training will offer :

*  Total of 12 CE Hrs.
*  Lunch is inluded
*  The cost to pre-register is $60 per day ($120) total

Description of Content: There is a growing recognition of the need for integration of the treatment of mental and behavioral conditions in primary care. Many of the nationís health care systems have introduced Behavioral Health Consultants (typically psychologists) to primary care departments (e.g., Veterans Administration; Department of Defense, HMOs like Kaiser-Permanente). Recent research (Cook, et. al, 2011) reported that Behavioral Medicine Consultants at Kaiser Permanente identified the need for additional training on medications and co-morbid medical and mental health conditions. The content of this Continuing Education Program will cover the theory and research that led to the decision to integrate behavioral services in primary care; the current research clarifying the most effective treatments in the primary care setting, specifically in the area of psychopharmacology (including presentations on current medications, as well as specific medical and pharmacological issues with geriatric patients and patients with chronic pain), plus presentations on co-morbid medical conditions. The focus will be on helping primary care behavioral health professionals to provide better care for their patients.

Course Goals: 

  1.     Understand the parameters of the scope of practice for their profession regarding what they can and cannot say to patients and to physicians about psychoactive medications
  2.   Be better able to make recommendations to physicians regarding the prescription/non prescription  of psychoactive medications
  3.    Know what special needs or conditions should be considered when recommending psychoactive medications for geriatric patients