Resource Tapping

Price: $120.00

Online Web Lecture ~ 4 CE Hrs

This class is designed for any clinician working with trauma. It has a special focus on using Resource Tapping with Vets, but it is fully applicable and not limited in any way to one specific population.

This class also includes an Introduction to EMDR, provided as background for the Resource Tapping technique.

Learning Objectives: 

Learn the relationship between Resource Tapping and EMDR

Learn what is not an appropriate use of resource tapping

Learn areas where trauma is associated with decreased activity in the brain

Laurel Parnell, PhD, is an internationally recognized psychologist, author, consultant. and EMDR trainer. As an EMDR innovator she brings a client-centered, attachment-focused approach to the work.

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Resource Tapping is an EMDR-related technique that is effective and easy-to-use for ego strengthening, affect regulation and stress reduction in the treatment of trauma. The technique can be used to help rebalance the nervous system, activate the parasympathetic restoration cycle, and teach self-regulation. It is also an excellent preparation for emotionally-intensive trauma processing work.

Resource Tapping is based on the same fundamental principles underlying EMDR, which is an effective evidence-based treatment for trauma. Much of the research on EMDR has been conducted using subjects with diagnosed with PTSD. For this reason, EMDR is endorsed by the military for post-combat trauma.

Resource Tapping has many advantages in working with Vets: It is quick. It is active. And it strengthens the natural resources which may become less accessible due to combat trauma.