Returning Veterans: Issues of Intimacy and Sexuality

Price: $48.00
George Fusco ~ Web Lecture ~ 1.5 Hrs

This Web Lecture, addresses the current status of research and practice regarding difficulty in establishing intimacy and engaging in sexual behavior as a result of post combat operational stress or trauma.

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George Fusco, PhD is a clinical researcher, lecturer, public health outreach worker experienced in dual diagnosis case management and passive intervention/brief intervention counseling.

He is currently in part time clinical practice treating patients presenting with various issues from developmental and behavioral disorders to psychosexual trauma. The scope of the private practice includes treatment of US military personnel presenting with TBI/PTSD symptoms, as well as marriage and family counseling, mood and performance related anxiety disorders, sex counseling, and court mandated counseling for sex offenders. Dr. Fusco is currently working with the US Army in development of a suicide prevention program for veterans and returning active duty personnel from OIF/OEF.