Sex and Love Addiction

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Sex and Love Addiction: Clinical Foundations and Public Education

Elaine Brady, PhD, is a Certified Addiction Specialist and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in private practice. Dr Brady has also served as a Program Manager for the Partial Hospitalization Program for Mood Disorders at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA, and as Executive Director of the El Dorado Women’s Center, Placerville, CA. She is also an Instructor at California State University, Santa Cruz, and has published numerous articles on addiction and attachment.

In this online class, Dr Brady not only provides a thorough training in Sex and Love Addiction for clinicians -- she also demonstrates how this material can be shared in a community education program. By presenting experiential and research-based content to both clinicians and members of the public, Dr Brady plays a valuable local educational role and also finds potential new clients for group or individual therapy.

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This class delves deeply into the dynamics of the Addicted Coupleship and its “addiction cycle.” Instruction is given in utilizing various recovery models, as well asd the Twelve-Step treatment model for reconstruction of the damaged relationship.

Because it is estimated that as many as 10% of Internet “Users” become addicted to Cybersex, this topic is also a major focus of the class. Of particular concern for the foundation of our social structure is the finding that the majority of these people are married.

However, the “warp-speed” with which these phenomenon have developed has rapidly out-paced most therapists ability to understand and respond to them effectively. This class explores the Cybersex phenomenon and its impact on committed relationships, its progression into addictive behavior, and provides diagnostic and early treatment guidelines for working with couples. Referral and resource information is also be provided.