Women and Addiction

Price: $90.00
Joan Zweben, PhD ~ 4 Hrs
Online Web Lecture

Joan Zweben, PhD, is founder and Executive Director of the 14th Street Clinic and Medical Group and the East Bay Community Recovery Project, and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. She is committed to providing flexible, evidence-based treatment to challenging and underserved populations.

This class was created specifically for the office-based mental health practitioner. The first component addresses gender differences and issues unique to women in addictive behavior. It is a research-based review, with attention to ethnicity as well as gender.

The second component provides a broader foundation in models of addiction and recovery. Together, the two parts are intended to describe what psychotherapists in private practice need to know in order to address drug and alcohol problems competently and routinely, especially in their female patients.