Wounded Warriors: Combat Trauma and Learning

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Lisa Stringer, Director, The Skills Center
Wounded Warriors: Combat Trauma and learning ~ 1.5 Hrs CE Credit

Thousands of returning veterans are expected to utilize educational benefits under the new GI Bill, and many of them will matriculate at community colleges, four year schools and graduate school. How can mental health professionals in the community assist in the process of providing the special supports and counseling? Ms Stringer will outline specific roles which clinicians can play in supporting the process of returning to higher education.

Learning Objectives:

Identify at least four distinct characteristics of combat-related trauma disabilities for veterans out of Iraq and Afghanistan

Describe how combat related trauma influences learning, memory and behavior

Explain and implement educational strategies and accommodations

Contemplate their individual skills and resources in the context of serving individuals with combat related stress or injuries

Lisa Stringer is the director of the Skills Center, an adult school within Episcopal Community Services. The School works with homeless and low-income adults facing multiple disabilities, including high incidents of PTSD, TBI and other learning challenges. Lisa has lead her team of teachers and counselors in responding to these needs for the past ten years - expanding services to include specialized educational approaches that enhance student success after traumatic events. As a disproportionately large number of San Francisco’s homeless population are veterans, Ms. Stringer has extensive experience partnering with vets to enter college and civilian work.

Lisa’s past employment includes counseling and teaching in prisons, homeless shelters and domestic violence programs. This work has lead her to be a much sought after trainer and consultant on the topics of trauma, learning disabilities and meeting the needs of students with mental health challenges. She has taught classes on these topics for clients such as the Human Services Agency of San Francisco, UC Berkeley Extension and the California Department of Education.

Ms. Stringer's achievements have resulted in her recognition as Young Non-Profit Professional of the Year by Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco in 2006, and she was recently presented with a peer nominated leadership award for her education work in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.