Posttraumatic Growth

Price: $155.00
Saturday, April 12, 2014
9:00am – 4:00pm, 6 CE Hrs

Alliant International University
One Beach Street ~ San Francisco

It is well know that some individuals become ‘better than better’ (Karl Menninger) in the wake of a serious life crisis, illness or traumatic event. It has also been known for thousands of years that approaching human suffering in a particular way - can result in psychological and spiritual transformation, as long as an individual is able to discover meaning in his suffering and how such meaning applies to relationships with other people, the future course of his life and a higher or spiritual purpose.

It is well-documented in the trauma literature that some people experience posttraumatic forms of growth, e.g., a  greater appreciation of life, a changed sense of priorities, warmer and more intimate relationships, a greater sense of personal strength, and new possibilities and life purpose, as well as, a spiritually committed life.

In many instances a serious life crisis involves a wake-up call to reconsider, reorder and develop priorities, in regard to self, others, life and God. This workshop will examine in detail what is involved in the process of posttraumatic growth, what gets in the way of it and how resilience, hardiness, optimism, psychospiritual deepening and forgiveness are involved in the process.

Course will involve presentations, Q and A and small group discussion.

Robert Grant PhD,  is a clinical psychologist who  has an international reputation in the area of psychological trauma. For over twenty years he has worked in more than 20 countries around the world and several disaster/war zones as a trauma consultant, educator, trainer and author. He is also one of the primary authors of the current Operational Trauma and Stress Protocol that the US Marine Corps currently uses worldwide. He is also author of Healing the Soul of the Church (Ministers Facing Their Histories of Abuse and Trauma) 1994, The Way of the Wound (A Spirituality of Trauma and Transformation) 1997, Living and Working in Environments of Violence (A Resource Manual for Humanitarian Workers) 2002, A Healing Response to Terrorism (A Handbook for Psychological and Spiritual First Responders) 2004, Vicarious Trauma (Handbook for Professionals Working with Victims of Trauma ) 2006, I Love a War Veteran (Handbook for Veterans, Professionals and Family Members Working with Victims of Combat Stress and Trauma) 2007, Complicated Trauma (A Practitioners Manual) 2009, The Challenge of Forgiveness (As Faced by Victims of Abuse and Betrayal) 2010, Anger, Healing and Forgiveness (6 hour CD) 2010 and Dissociation Handbook, 2013. He can be reached at and some of his writings can be viewed at