Grief, Death and Dying in Other Cultures

Price: $90.00
Ablon       Multi-Cultural Perspectives
      On Dying, Death & Grief

This workshop focuses on how individuals and families approach dying and express grief in many different cultures.  It is built on evidence-based research and includes concrete techniques you will be able to apply.

Friday, April 20 ~ 9:30am - 4:30pm
1 Beach Street ~ San Francisco
6 Hrs CE

Sean O'Riordan, PhD. is a staff psychologist for the Faculty and Staff Help Center and teaches the Principle Practice in Care of the Dying in the Stanford School of Medicine.

Dr. O'Riordan is a native of Ireland and has traveled the world from the Ural Mountains of western Siberia to Chiang Mai (Kingdom of Thailand).  He teaches a variety of educational seminars including Quietness in the Workplace, Calming One's Heart, and How to Avoid Roadrage.  He also maintains a private practice in Los Altos, California.
Organization of the Class.

The class as a whole is organized into several segments.

1) Overview on how age, gender, ethnicity, race, and class affect the way individuals respond to death and express grief in clutures around the world

2) Specific focus on grief expression in Asian cultures including Viet Nam, Korea, China, and Japan

4) Different cultural expressions of grief around death of a pet

5) Value of the Wake ritual of seven Celtic nations

Workshop Benefits

1. Promote greater comfort and confidence to clients by demonstrating an understanding of different cultural expressions of grief, including specific number and color meanings.

2. Distinguish between cultural specific behavior and pathology, as well as between grief and depression.

3. Better able to understand and work with the resistance of families and physicians in hospice or palliative care referrals.

Who Should Attend?

Psychologists                                             Counselors
Marriage and Family Therapists                    Registered Nurses
LCSWs                                                      Physicians