Learning Theory

Price: $480.00
Learning Theory ~ 2 Units

Thomas Nickel,PhD

September 10, 2018 - March 17, 2019

This class provides broad theoretical coverage of such learning theories as classical and operant conditioning, cognitivism, constructivism and more.

This 2-unit course is available online.

There is no text, but there is reading and videos for the eight topics either available in or linked to through the online course.  To complete the course, there are six assignments (brief critical thinking reflection pieces) and a post-test.  The Reflection pieces should be posted to the online course or, if there are technical difficulties, emailed to ce@alliant.edu.

Topic 1             Introduction

Topic 2             Behaviorism

Topic 3             Cognitivism/Information Processing

Topic 4             Social Learning          

Topic 5             Constructivism

Topic 6             Learning Styles

Topic 7             Instructional Design

Topic 8             NeuroLearning

Post-Test          Must pass at a level of 80% or better